Supports for Desert Culture research efforts of Motoko Katakura Foundation

Within the framework of Saudi Aramco’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR), Aramco Asia Japan has partnered with Motoko Katakura Foundation for Desert Culture (MOKO-FDC) to ..

11th European Film Festival Jeddah 2017

The 11th European Film Festival Jeddah 2017 starts in 27 March and organized by: The Consulates General of Italy, Germany, Greece, and France, the Embassies of ..

Saudi Arabia to open 3 Arabic-language institutes in Indonesia

Saudi Arabia is planning to establish Arabic-language institutions in the three major Indonesian cities of Makassar, Medan and Surabaya, said Saudi Ambassador Osama Mohammed Abdullah ..

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture establishes cross-cultural engagement with the world.

Scheduled to open in mid-2017, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, also known as Ithra, will be a stunning, modern building of interconnected spaces ..

Huge and diverse turnout to the first-ever Saudi Comic Con

The first-ever Saudi ComicCon concluded on Saturday at Take Off Club, where more than 300 artists, actors, and vendors interacted with around 24,000 fans of ..

Al-Faw: Museum of Old Kingdoms Civilization in Arabian Peninsula

Saudi Arabia seeks to revive Al-Faw historic village, which has been considered one of the biggest heritage sites in the country; Al-Faw was the capital ..

Najran: Land of ‘Groove’, History of Majestic Civilizations

Najran, located in the southern region of Saudi Arabia, has been among the most important historical regions comprising more than 100 sites. The recent explorations ..

13 Traditional Saudi Arabian Dishes

If you make a trip to Saudi Arabia, you are bound to see a few familiar places, particularly when it comes to food.  They have ..

Al Janadriyah- The National Festival for Heritage and Culture

From here, the fragrance of originality exudes reaffirming and strengthening the total Arab Identity.  Al Janadriyah – The National Festival for Heritage and Culture – ..

When Arabia was green: lush grasslands helped early man make leap out of Africa

A prehistory professor has unearthed evidence that the Arabian Peninsula played a pivotal role in the evolution and migration of our species across the planet, ..

Broken Shell makes its way to Jeddah book fair

Many people are both skeptical and bewildered about their life’s journey, but in the middle of it, only a few decide that they should change ..

The Saudi Archaeological Masterpieces through the Ages

The “Saudi Archaeological Masterpieces through the Ages”, also called, the “Roads of Arabia Expo”, is considered as one of the most important Saudi exhibitions highlighting ..

Saudi Artist unveils masterpieces in unique comeback art exhibition at Hafez Gallery

As the art scene in the Kingdom continues to thrive, Saudi artists are carving a niche for themselves in the international world of art, mesmerizing ..

Dutch diplomat falls for Saudi Bedouin lifestyle, to him the desert is a land filled with poetry and literature

To many, the desert may seem to be a vast and barren land where nothing more than cacti and sand dunes dot the landscape. However, ..