Dar Al-Hekma University’s students design two of the best public service announcement videos


Dar Al-Hekma University’s students design two of the best public service announcement videos

  • 31 July 2017
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Saudi Gazette - Jeddah

Two teams including students from Dar Al-Hekma University’s Visual Communication program won the Tathgeef Award and attended the ceremony earlier this month. Amongst the judges were Dr. Mazen Fakeeh and Dr. Heba Al-Qazi. “Dar Al-Hekma University created the first Graphic Design Program in the Kingdom back in 1999, and with that founded and localized the industry in Saudi Arabia,” said the President of Dar Al-Hekma University, Dr. Suhair Hassan Al Qurashi. Basma Alyafi, a Dar Al-Hekma University alumna who is now studying in Batterjee Medical College, approached the Dar Al-Hekma University students as the medical students were looking for animation designers for videos. In this partnership, the medical students worked on the script from the medical perspective and Dar Al-Hekma University’s senior students created the storyboard and developed the animation videos. The winning projects were: “Epidural Anesthesia” that won first place by Sara Al-Ghamdi and a student from Dr. Soliman Fakeeh who received a monetary award of SR50,000; and “Children›s Intestinal Catarrh Infographic” that won third place by Shatha Al-Ayash and Tasnim Karanshi with students from Batterjee Medical College who received an award of SR30,000. The two projects were two of many submissions to the competition. Out of all entries, ten were shortlisted to be showcased at the main event. The projects were judged based on the concept, creativity, medical content, topic and the video quality. “Motion Graphics track in Dar Al-Hekma University has been growing day by day, and it is extremely captivating to see how versatile and multi-talented our students are. Not only have they won different competitions while studying, but they have also executed projects for real clients. They produced extra ordinary quality work for the Tathgeef  Award. From the storyboard to the final execution they worked on very intricate details which can be easily seen in the video,” added Rana. The competition required a collaboration between medical personnel, medical students, and Dar Al-Hekma University students. Each of Dar Al-Hekma University’s students had to work in conjunction with the medical student and a medical doctor to get their topic approved and to authenticate the subject of their videos.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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